Wednesday, April 29, 2009

June 9th, 2008 Lightning

This was a very local and lucky chase for me. The storm came to where I was located at the time, in St. Joseph, MO. It was an isolated supercell that moved across northeast Kansas. I tracked it on radar from my apartment and came to the conclusion that it would hold together and come very close to where I was at.

I took off to the southwest side of town to meet the storm. The storm was upon me at this time, and I encountered heavy rain and some dime sized hail. It was a fairly small storm. I let the rain subside and noticed that the lightning was very intense in a localized area, so I tried some lightning pictures and came out with my best series of lightning that I have taken to date, managing to capture multiple bolts quite well (for my standards!).

I really hope I am treated to a similar storm this season. This was an easy chase - I didn't have to travel more than 10 miles!

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